Emerald Chronometer App Reviews

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If only Apple Watch has these faces…

I really wish.

Outstanding attention to detail

I love everything about this app. All 27 watch faces and their myriad of complications and special features. My only wish is that there might be some way to add these faces and their features to the Apple Watch gallery.

lock screen widget needed! Urgent! ;-)

yep, it'd be perfect if lock screen widget is available for this app.

Exceptional beauty - extraordinary information

Great blend of art and technology to satisfy both your inner aesthete and gadget geek. Four years later I still open it several times a week to sit on my desk in the charger, or just to play. Also fun to show off.

Very Functional + Beautiful? YES! 6 stars.

I use this app several times a day, as the clear analog clock/ watch faces are readable from several feet away (in the shower, eating dinner on a work break, rushing somewhere, etc.) The Emerald Chronometer is a really lovely app/ device/ design that is made up of 16 different types and styles of chronometers to suit nearly every need and whim. I'm pretty picky about whether or not a thing is designed well, and Emerald Chronometer is a Beauty: the graphics are gorgeous and cleanly detailed on my iPhone and iPad, and the chronometers are very different from each other, not just a re-hash of the same information. Some of the watch faces are as complicated as advanced wrist chronometers, so they require some effort to access well, just like a physical watch. I love old railroad watches, so EC is a wonderful surprise. Very Good Job! Worth every penny! (And I have no connection to the developers--I just appreciate their work.)

Great Watch Great Price!

I have used the free version for a while now. I have enjoyed it so much and it has been very useful so I have purchased to HD version and haven't been disappointed. This is an excellent chronograph! A person could easily pay $1000. or more for a watch to do all that this app does. I use this app on my iPod and keep it in my pocket. It is also a great time piece when docked on my radio at night. If this app on the Apple Watch,I might finally breakdown and buy one.

Compelling Reason to Buy an Apple Watch

These watch faces are so elegant and so beautiful. If Apple would only allow these faces to appear as an app on its Apple Watch, I would buy one in a heartbeat.

Very nice graphics

Like a lot of the others, I'm fascinated with watches. That's what drew me to this app. It's great for that. The one real problem is this app would be a natural for the Apple Watch but it's not compatible. I would love to choose some of the watch faces for my Apple Watch but can't. I hope it's something you are working on.


I don't have a real need for this app, but I'm fascinated with time, and this app is appealing to me! I've learned quite a lot just from reading about some of the different watches included, and it has proven entertaining and enlightening! For example, Firenze. Once home to Galileo! And this particular chronometer has an orrery. I also have a fascination woth orreries, so it was an amazing surprise to find one in this app!


This app is really amazing. I can't believe all the information it has. And the watch faces are very well designed and thought out. I would suggest to create a new watch imitating the information in the Antikythera devise. That would be really neat.

Elegantly Superb

Emerald Chronometer is superb. Elegant graphics with excellent functionality. It is a companion in my observatory for initializing the telescope mount and for timing exposures. It elegantly and efficiently shows things of daily interest: day/night in different locations around the world, local daylight savings time rules, UTC, the three twilight periods, and lunar and solar locations along the ecliptic. The planet locator is also very useful. It is even an elegant timer for brewing coffee & tea! This is the elegant go-to app for good time accuracy via NTP - suitable for reference star sightings. The network time protocol provides an estimated uncertainty of the time. This display is what should be on the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch

Needs to be on the watch

A most incredible set of watches

A very long time ago, I wrote, "One day I hope to see a Kickstarter campaign to build a physical smart watch that lets me carry Emerald Chronometer on my wrist. This app really belongs where I can view it all the time.” Well, the Apple Watch is here and I hope that Bill and Steve can shoehorn some of the functionality into the watch. I can guarantee you that it would be the best app available!

Watches and Astronomy

This has been the best watch presentation available for years. Please consider an Apple Watch interface.

Not for the iWatch !

But I Wish It Was !!! Please consider designing this for the Apple Watch ??

Fantastic collection of watch movements

Hope the dev continues to update it.


And interesting. A study in information presentation, and done well. Would like to choose the background image.

Nicest Watch Faces

It's too bad they're not on the Apple Watch but It's great to see this classic app being maintained.

Best Selection of Virtual Watch Faces

This perhaps the oldest app that I still use on a regular basis and it’s wonderful that the dev has kept it updated all these years. I wish some of these faces were available on the Apple Watch.

Unique. Amazing.

Truly unique among apps of all kinds. It is endlessly fascinating in the variety of faces, functions, the information each one provides, and the documentation for each. It is a masterpiece.

Best of the best!

I don't know how I stumbled upon this app, but I'm really glad that I did! This is without a doubt the most beautiful, elegant app that I have on my phone. It doesn't hurt that it is also educational, informative, and eminently practical. But my advice is: get it for the superior design, and the features will recommend themselves.

Excellent app!

Really first class! Wish there was a way to have it as my lock screen!


Quite the acquisition. So much time at one's perview.


A great assortment of watches. After wearing digital watches for so long, it's nice to watch hands move smoothly across the faces of these "analog" watches.

Practical beauty

I enjoy using thus app to see what's "up" in the night sky, moon phases, sunlight hours, and more, all with GPS awareness of current position. The atomic clock synchronization is great for setting my wristwatch.


I've been looking for something like this for a long time....a beautiful app.


I have downloaded hundreds of apps by now, but never took the time to review any. Until now. This app is beyond amazing. The attention to detail, the care the developer(s) put into explaning every single dial and function...This is the best app I've seen so far! Excellent job!


I wish this could actively run on my lock screen.

Great watch app

I wish you could set it to when the phone wakes up the watch face is there


An alarm went off when I set NO ALARM. I CANNOT find any alarm settings in the app. So I'm shutting off all notifications. Really!!!

I wish I could wear it on my wrist

Emerald Sequoia develops the perfect Apple Watch app years before the announcement of the Apple Watch. I hope this app will be ported to the watch platform since my iPhone is a bit cumbersome when strapped to my wrist. Great detail and interesting complications!


I love having the moon phase and face on my watch. I have owned a couple of inexpensive analog watches in the past with the moon feature, so when I began searching for another one it occurred to me to look for an app for my iPhone 6 Plus instead. That's when I discovered these apps from Emerald Sequoia. The free module has just one watch face, Geneva, which happens to be my favorite. But as soon as I saw it I laid down the $1.99 and bought the whole set. There's no advertising even in the free edition. Exploring the features of all the watches in the $1.99 collection is like taking a college course in cosmology and worldwide timekeeping. It's a graphic delight and has taken the place of the cryptograms and other word games that used to amuse me. Some watches have a face on the "reverse". Tap 'i' for information and the explanation that accompanies each watch is thorough and teaches this worldly old man a lot I didn't know yet. I've had no issues with this app except that I almost can't put it down.


Update 10/08/2014... Do I need this app? No. Will I ever be without it? No, unless it leaves me... What a great, and functional eye candy app. There is nothing in class as well done as this gorgeous app. I have owned this app for a couple of years now, and it had always been pure fun, with a pinch of awesome eye candy all rolled into one bundle. I love it, and over time, it continues to evolve for the better! I own other time apps, but this is my favorite, and it is a true work of art. Enjoy! PS I feel bad for the guy who thought the devs pick and choose reviews to post. Trust me, they don't......

Please Update

I hope you haven’t abandoned this great app. While it still works, it takes an awfully long time to launch under iOS8.

Precision Art

One of my favorite apps. The attention to detail on the timepieces is amazing and the complications are firstrate. Look at the Geneva long enough and it becomes the real thing. I've had this app for years, yet never tire of its precision and beauty. How about a few more pocket watches: - Steampunk - Rube Goldberg - Railroad

Fun fun fun

Everyone in our family loves this app. There are hours and hours of entertainment learning everything this app has to offer. Thank you for the best time app for entertaining inquiring minds. Exquisitely beautiful time pieces. Wonders of time and astronomy explained in help comments. I have owned the app for two years and still am learning about the wonderful timepieces.


You don't have to be an horologist to appreciate the thought and skill behind this app. The graphics are perfect. The accuracy is perfect (for all normal purposes.) The reliability is perfect. The variety is perfect. This is a perfect app. I love it!

Love the faces, not the bands.

I really like the app. I think they have done a fine job. Don't like the cheap looking bands and watch body. Not an efficient use of real estate. I would like to see something more like the iPad app.

Needs more

Fantastic app. You should add more custom options or watches

Time viewer Don

Please bring back the reverse button on the Miami. I was nice to bounce back and forth between the moon and the sun. Now you have to go around the compleat cycle to get back to the moon. This is a wonderful app regardless. Just bring the button back.

Amazing functional art

Truly an amazing piece of functional Art for such an incredibly low price. Has exactly what I was looking for: 24 hr analog face. Ability to set to any time zone. And so much more. I am still playing with all the options.

Beautiful Display and Functional Control

However, as BEAUTIFUL as this app IS, The graphics need to be sharpened to take advantage of the retina display on the retina display iPads. Then this app would be utterly stunning! It is beautiful and is a must have on an iTouch or iPhone. This is the biggest bang for your buck at $5.00. Well worth the measly investment. I highly recommend you to get it now! You will not be disappointed.

A Work of Art

Incredibly beautiful, meticulously crafted. The sense that one is looking at actual mechanical chronometers is overwhelming.

Zodiac sign is not correct in every watch

Zodiac sign is one sign behind in every watch.

I love this app.

I like to keep it open on my desk.

Simply amazing!

There's really nothing I can add that hasn't already said. This app is more mind bogglingly beautiful than any other app I've seen on the app store. The only thing that bugs me is the idiots that give it a bad rating because it's not what they were expecting because they didn't have enough sense to read the DESCRIPTION! Really people, why punish the developers because your too lazy to research your purchase. This app is really too elegant not to have a five star rating.

beautiful, educational, fun

Wonderful app with great help pages that go far beyond just descriptions of how to use the app. Minimal alarm clock functionality, but fun enough to get me to use it on occasion. Most useful day-to-day function: sun rise and sun set times. Analog stopwatch and countdown timers seem quite antiquated on a digital device but the implementations are just marvelous.


This APP is exquisitely beautiful. Emerald is dedicated to doing a great job in every detail.

A beautiful app - brilliant in concept & stunning in execution. Wow!

From informations provided by Emerald in the app store and on their web site one can learn much more about this app than any reviewer can tell. What those sources avoid bragging about are the intelligence, horological and astronomical knowledge, exquisite visual taste, and programming skill that lies behind and is visible in each of the "watches" of this app. Most display considerable chronologic and astronomic information in a clear manner that must dazzle watchmakers constrained by mechanical means. I suspect that many of these digital gems could be fabricated in a mechanical device but only at a cost dwarfing the tiny cost of the app. And a "real" watch would have a hard time improving on the superb simulations that the watches are. On top of all that, Emerald's folks provide complete and easily understood instructions on using and understanding the watches and what they report. And if that were not enough consider that in some instances, e.g. the recent "Babylon" which may or may not be modeled on a real mechanical watch, Emerald's instructions describes a mechanical arrangement that could produce the same calendar display shown on the Emerald Chronometer in the iPhone. In all instances one can tell whether the (pretend) underlying movement is mechanical or quartz by the motion of the second hand, in tiny jumps if a jeweled-lever watch and in larger discrete steps, a second, if simulating a quartz watch. The Emerald Chronometer was wonderful in earlier iPhones but with the coming of the retina display their appearance to the eye is as crisp as if one were looking at a "real" watch. Some apps merely bring to the iPhone display in a convenient form information culled from the web and available to one making the effort. Few are built up from the ground as this one is and only a very few perform as elegantly and enjoyably as this. Rolex, Patek, Breguet, watch out.

Absolutely stunning!

The title says it all. The detail on the watches is amazing. The quantity of the selection along with the options for the different watches makes for a fun and very useful.

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